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​This was my favourite skirt last winter. Now it's just ... gone, along with all my big clothes! Did the big wardrobe purge today. Thanks Dr. Dahl for making this possible.
- K.R. White Rock

I would like to thank you for helping my husband and I achieve our hope of having a baby. Your knowledge and support were much appreciated, and we couldn’t be happier!   - A. Smith

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't count my lucky stars that I discovered your care. After suffering from hives and itchy skin for almost a year and being told by my doctor that there was nothing that could be done, I found your clinic. I found you to be one of that most caring health care professionals I've ever met. You took the time to diagnose my problem, explain it to me and treat me with much patience. I will be eternally grateful for your advice and caring manner.   - Sharon, White Rock

I wanted to thank you so much for helping my daughter. She has been through a horrible time with her digestion and overall health and since her visits with you the improvement has been fantastic! I have never been to a naturopoathic clinic, but now I am seriously considering it.   - Karan, Prince George

Thank you so much for curing my IBS. I'm not sure what I would have done if I hadn't seen your ad in the paper. My IBS was caused by my pregnancy. I suffered 5 months in agony with no help from the medical system. I also tried another Naturopathic Doctor without results. Your program worked within days and my IBS was resolved completely in a matter of weeks. Thank you so much!   - Grace, White Rock

I wanted to thank you for your Naturopathic care while I was at the clinic. When I first came to see you, I was at my wits end with my eczema. I had been using cortisone cream, but it would never clear my skin completely. I was a little skeptical, but you said this would be easy and after one month of treatment things definitely changed. It's been 5 months now and I haven't had any enzema. I also haven't taken my prescription medication for reflux either. You guided me each month with my dient and gave me lots of suggestions and support. I've been telling everyone about my success! Thank you.   - Jane, Langley

Finding Dr. Dahl has been one of the best things for my husband and me.  She showed so much knowledge, compassion, and understanding with what we were going through as a couple in regards to infertility.  I am certain that it's because of following her advice that we are now parents of twin girls.  Anyone I meet who has trouble conceiving I refer to Dr. Dahl.  I'm forever grateful!       - M.J. White Rock

In 2007 my husband and I were actively trying to get pregnant – we were having a tough time in this area, as I was not able to have a normal  cycle.  We were dealing with our family doctor, then referred to specialist’s and later on to a fertility doctor. I was poked, prodded and ultrasound regularly.  My option that I was faced with was to go on clomid for 3 months – if at this time nothing had changed I would have became an automatic patient for IVF.  The option of clomid (or even the next level) was not something I wanted to put my body through (or my husband of having to deal with the massive hormone shifts!)  Nor did I want to deal with being tagged as a “high risk” pregnancy.

We decided to look into a more natural approach.  Dr Dahl, was so calming and really cared to take the time to make me feel like this was an option, for me to conceive more of a natural approach.  We started taking supplements on a regular basis as well as going to acupuncture treatments.  Less than a year later, we received the best news – we were expecting!  I couldn’t believe me, who had no regular cycle to even try and time an ovulation date was able to get pregnant!

Now a couple of years later my husband and I decided we wanted to try again – again we were sent to our specialist who automatically wanted to put us on clomid – we took 2 months of taking all the supplements and lowering stress level and this time around – the 1st month that we started trying we have been blessed to be pregnant again...1st time around!!!!

Dr Dahl, has been so caring and compassionate over this whole situation. She has eased my anxieties with checking in on me all the time, I really feel so blessed to have Dr Dahl as such a caring doctor in my journey through motherhood – without her I really don’t think that I would be blessed two times around!      

 - K.W. Surrey

In 2009 I really felt led to seek Dr.Dahl to help me find answers/solutions to improve my health.  She helped me find out what foods were causing intestinal issues and now I live pain free from eating. As well she helped me find out the root of what was causing painful irregular periods, low energy, weight gain and brain fog.  My thyroid was not working properly and with taking her prescribed supplements I started having energy, lost weight, and am having less painful periods.  Thirdly Dr. Dahl helped me with preparing my body for conception. It didn't take very long to get pregnant and when I was pregnant, I had a great pregnancy.   Dr Nicole Dahl is a woman I admire, respect and am thankful for . I know that just like my health many others are being helped by Dr.Dahl to achieve their health goals.    - K.G. Surrey

I haven't been in communication with you for quite a long time. Thank you though, for continuing to send your newsletters and recently, your family news. As I haven't seen you for awhile I just wanted to let you know that I had a baby boy, born last August 10th (13 days early), whose name is Everett James. He is now 9 months and 22.5 pounds with auburn hair. I still remember and appreciate your naturopathic help in enabling me to get pregnant with this amazing blessing.   - G.B. Surrey

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