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Services Offered

Ella promed micro current allows Living Water to offer both state of the art medical-aesthetics as well as body work applications. The medical-facials use organic compounds to fill, lift, tighten and resurface the skin for age related concerns. Targeted compounds are used to decrease the redness and inflammation of both rosacea and acne.  Skin is left feeling hydrated and resurfaced.  Both collagen and elastin are rebooted to produce brand new skin cells that look and behave like a 10 year olds.  

We have been having so much fun watching cases of Rosacea and Acne completely resolve. Below are some before and afters:

The body application allows for breaking apart dysfunctional scar and muscular tissue to eliminate pain patterns from injury or chronic tension. Nervous transmission is repaired and restored to allow for proper muscle function. Resolution of pain is the result. 

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